Long time no post

19 Sep

Ok this is a “mug” shot of my boys. I took this in the wee hours of the morning last week. This is also a pic. of Samuel and his missing tooth.

God has blessed me with 2 beautemous boys! They are full of energy and I have said it before, that it is always an adventure at our home.

Ok, one more pic to share. Samuel and I went to the little farmer this weekend, while Jeremy went up north with their auntie Tina. This is Samuel in amongst the pumpkins. (See what I mean, this pic captures his energy, I think.

Now for some CARD news. I have been making cards and haven’t had a moment to take a pic and upload. I finished the invite cards for my friend Cheri’s coffee shop what will be opening soon.

I also purchased Kit #3 from Amuse Art Stamps. Check out the 6 kits they have. It is an awesome way to help. I rcvd my kit the other day and I made up the cards last night. I choose Kit #3 because I know my boys will love it. They love receiving cards from me. (which I am glad!) I have my eyes on Kit#1 and #6…….Hmmmmm

Thanks for checking back and I will share with you some of my stamping creations soon!



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