The weekend flew by….

8 Sep

Oh my goodness…I had to do a quick post today and apologize for not getting the mini-tutorial posted like I said I would. We have had a whirl wind of a week and weekend. Praise God!!!

We are running out the door again tonight. So I won’t have time to get the mini-tutorial posted.

Last night we had a Ladies prayer meeting and a special speaker. She was amazing and taught about how we need to linger in the presence of God. That in His presence there is “extra” blessings. It was so good to hear!!!! We live in such a fast paced society and we have to make time to sit in the presence of God and listen. I needed that message last night and am applying the principal.

The picture above are my boys! Aren’t they the cutest boys you have every seen? Well I think they are! They are full of life, love and adventure. Our home is continually buzzing with some sort of excitement or drama. God has truly blessed me with these wonderful young men!!

Many Blessings to you and hope to see you soon.



One Response to “The weekend flew by….”

  1. Nancy ~ Inkcicles September 9, 2008 at 4:04 am #

    What cute boys indeed!!!🙂

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