15 Jul

I hope you don’t get tired of the Photoshop pictures. This picture my eldest son, Jeremy took. He is becoming quite the photographer. He’s taken some very fun pictures. He plays around with all the different settings on the camera and is having lots of fun. Where I tend to be so boring and not as adventurous with my photography. I tend to use 2-3 settings, why you may ask….because I know those setting work! So I am thankful that Jeremy has his adventurous side…he is teaching me a lot.
This picture he took was from the very first Oshkosh church service (in March of this year) and the picture is of Jeremy’s youth Pastor, Bro. Drexel. He is leading worship. I still remember that very first service and God moved in a mighty, special way and he is continuing to move each and every service. My cousin and her husband Pastor the Oshkosh church and they are doing a wonderful job! God is manifesting himself in a mighty way and it is beautiful to hear about all the lives that are being changed!
Since Jeremy took the picture I had him help me come up with what to do. He suggested that I uses some textures (3 were used and applied with softlight.) He choose the frame and I choose the font. I am slowing teaching Jeremy what I am learning in Photoshop. He thought it was so cool.
So what do you think? Jeremy did pretty good….=) He really does have an eye for art. Different from mine and I am loving it. Jeremy has a natural ability to capture things as they are in their natural setting and highlight those emotions in his photos….it’s amazing to me. He even does it when he is photographing landscapes. He also has a very fun and funky side to him to…it’s great to see the talents God has given him coming to the surface and I want to encourage him to keep growing.
Have a super splendiferous day and many blessings!!!

One Response to “Worship”

  1. Basement Stamper July 16, 2009 at 2:24 am #

    You both did fantastic job with the picture and the photoshop! I need to get moving on my class, and I'm with you on the settings on the camera, I stick to a few of them.

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