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Wisdom from an old artist

26 Oct

While visiting the art museum when I was in St. Louis. I met a 73 year old artist. He was sitting outside painting a statue. His technique was easy and free flowing. He was confident with every stroke of the brush. His face was content. His eyes were knowing. When I approached him, he was kind and patient while I asked questions.

“The most important thing to remember is that your brush is an extension of your arm, of your eyes, your perspective. You don’t have to over think every stroke, you should paint what you see and what you feel. Your stokes should convey emotion and each stoke will  build your picture.  There is no right or wrong. This is art, your perspective on the world. You have to start by applying that first brush stroke.”

As he shared his wisdom with me. I was reminded of some news that I was given that wasn’t as positive as I’d like.

Right now I think of my life as a series of brush strokes and wondering what the Lord has in store, what his final portrait of my life is going to be.  My only conclusion to my thought was that of trust and dependancy. I don’t understand the path that God has me on. All I know is I have choice to trust. And I will choose to trust in him even though I don’t know what the out come will be.

The old artist I met has inspired me no only in my art but also in the choices that I make. My life is art and what I need to reflect is my perspective on the world.


























I’m back

24 Oct


I went to St. Louis this past weekend to spend some time with my friend. Plus I needed to get away for a bit. This past year has been one challenge after another. I recently received a not so good report from my Dr. I have been in a season of full dependency on God. Now my boys and I have the opportunity to grow and trust in God like never before. =)  We serve a great and mighty God and His ways are perfect and just.  =)

Going to St. Louis by myself was a much needed adventure. I was able to explore St. Louis and get lost. For those of you who know me, I am already directionally challenged. LOL! But I got lost on purpose. I was able to visit art museums, parks and stop and take photos when ever the mood struck. When Kelly got off work we did some more exploring.  Too much fun!

I was also able to do a photo shoot with Kelly. Here are a few pictures.












Kelly took this photo of me. =)


There is tons more to share. But we’ll save that for another day.  Thanks for stopping by and I’ll post some crafty stuff later this week.





Amuse Studio and Creative eye candy

19 Oct

We created this card at a workshop a few weeks ago.  We used tombow dye based markers. Super easy to create. =)

Our semester is 1/2 over. Things are super busy and most of my creative energy is used up and stretched due to school.  I have more cards to share with you in the next few days. =)


Thanks for stopping by,



Sharing the Love: “Wait and hope for and expect the Lord; be brave and of good courage and let your heart be stout and enduring. Yes, wait for and hope for and expect the Lord.” Psalm 27:14 AMP




Photo shoot from last weekend

16 Oct

Last weekend I have a photo shoot with this beautiful family.  I used this template that I found on line to enhance the photo.  I still have to edit and add journaling.


This one is all about bringing the outdoor elements into my design.


This one has  a more modern flare.



8 Oct

I created these cards a while ago.

This is one of my favorites. It incorporates polaroids and a hand drawn city.  I mean really. =) too fun.

This card was fun to make. I used my exact-o knife to cut out the heart with the red dots and placed a piece of vellum behind it.  This adds awesome texture and an interesting focal point. =)

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll be sharing more creative stuff with you in the near future.



Sharing the Love:  “[A Psalm of David; when he was in the Wilderness of Judah.]O GOD, You are my God, earnestly will I seek You; my inner self thirsts for You, my flesh longs and is faint for You, in a dry and weary land where no water is.” Psalm 63:1 AMP

More Family Fun…

7 Oct
Baby J on the swings….

Nika and sun flare.
Samuel playing in the sandbox. =)
Baby J exploring in his back yard. Soo cute. =)
My cousin Tiffany making rice crispies.

This was from our large family b-day party that we have about once a quarter. We’ve now moved our family b-day parties to twice a year since everyone is so busy. =) LOL!

I’ll be sharing some crafty videos and cards soon. =)



Family Fun

7 Oct

A week or two ago we went and visited the boys Nana and other family members. It was a lot of fun. =)  Here  are a few pics that I snapped that day.


Samuel picking on Brittney and her boyfriend, Josh.

Another great shot of Monica and Jeremy.

Samuel on the big tree swing at Nana's house.

Grandma Mary, Jeremy and Samuel

Samuel and Uncle Aaron chilln' on the couch.

Jeremy....can not believe that he's a freshmen! I'm to young to be a mom of a high schooler. =)

Jeremy, Samuel and Monica (cousins)

This reminds me of my boys dad and his sister (monica's mom) Just like them when they were younger. Memories. =)

This is little Lucy another cousin. She's so cute.


Thanks for stopping by and I’ll have more pics to share later on from a family gathering on my side of the family. =)




Convoy of Hope – Saturday, October 8

4 Oct

Our church is going to be apart of this and if you’re in the area then it would be awesome if you stopped by.  Make sure to look over the website, to get all the info.


Date: Saturday, October 08, 2011

Location: FVTC Appleton Campus

Room: North Parking Lot

Start Time: 10:00 AM End Time: 1:00 PM
Duration: 3.00 hrs

FVTC is proud to welcome the Convoy of Hope to our Appleton campus on Saturday, October 8.

NOTE: The event may close earlier than 1 p.m. due to limited supplies.
Several churches, organizations, and non-profits work together to host this event. Please visit the main event websiteto learn about those involved in the 2011 event and how you can take part!

Volunteers needed – please visit the website for more details or join the Volunteer Rally on Friday, October 7 at 7pm at Christ the Rock Church  Christ the Rock Community Church, W6254 Hwy. 10/114, Menasha, WI.  For directions, call 920-991-1117.  At the rally volunteers will receive a free t-shirt and instructions for the day of the outreach (Saturday, October 8).
The Convoy of Hope provides those in need with:
  • FREE distribution of 35,000 lbs of groceries
  • FREE Health screenings
  • FREE Haircuts
  • FREE Cook-out
  • FREE Family photos
  • FREE Job fair
  • FREE Kids carnival
  • FREE Entertainment
  • & MUCH MORE…
Convoy of Hope

Blog under construction

3 Oct

I wanted to remind you that I haven’t finished updating my new blog. I am currently working on getting the new blog up and running like my old one. 🙂

In the mean time please feel free to look over my old blog for links and more information. I have also been updating my other business websites and would love to give you those urls.

Old Blog:
Photography website:
Amuse studios:
Etsy shop:
Designs website: coming soon!

As you can see I have been busy the past few months. I’ve essentially started 3 companies. I am not sure what I was thinking. LOL! I seriously prayed and felt directed by God to go into this direction.

As of right now with going to school full-time, raising my boys (full-time as well) and being involved in ministry, plus being a business owner/designer. I am feeling a tad bit overwhelmed these days. But no complaints. I am blessed beyond measure and the only way I am able to do any of this is because of Jesus! My relationship with him has always and will always come first. He directs my steps everyday and that’s the only reason things get done.  LOL!  seriously… 🙂  Because left up to me I would probably procrastinate. 😉

So please enjoy the other websites and my old blog while I continue to update this one. 🙂

Also I am new to wordpress and am feeling a bit lost. 🙂 Any tips would be helpful.



Sharing the Love: But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ: Eph. 4:15

Milwaukee Expo

2 Oct

I am here with my boss, Kamila.  We are having fun, her booth is awesome.  Meeting tons of awesome ladies and networking. =) I took a few pics of Kamila’s booth and wanted to share them with you. =)

Hope you’re having an awesome weekend.  Also I am working on Amuse studio’s videos…so excited for this feature, so please keep checking back for current updates.