Wisdom from an old artist

26 Oct

While visiting the art museum when I was in St. Louis. I met a 73 year old artist. He was sitting outside painting a statue. His technique was easy and free flowing. He was confident with every stroke of the brush. His face was content. His eyes were knowing. When I approached him, he was kind and patient while I asked questions.

“The most important thing to remember is that your brush is an extension of your arm, of your eyes, your perspective. You don’t have to over think every stroke, you should paint what you see and what you feel. Your stokes should convey emotion and each stoke will  build your picture.  There is no right or wrong. This is art, your perspective on the world. You have to start by applying that first brush stroke.”

As he shared his wisdom with me. I was reminded of some news that I was given that wasn’t as positive as I’d like.

Right now I think of my life as a series of brush strokes and wondering what the Lord has in store, what his final portrait of my life is going to be.  My only conclusion to my thought was that of trust and dependancy. I don’t understand the path that God has me on. All I know is I have choice to trust. And I will choose to trust in him even though I don’t know what the out come will be.

The old artist I met has inspired me no only in my art but also in the choices that I make. My life is art and what I need to reflect is my perspective on the world.


























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