Adventure in creating

5 Nov




This is a commissioned piece of art that I’m working on. It’s a mixed media piece. This is as close to abstract as I get. Normally my paintings are of landscapes or people in a more two dimensional style similar to cartooning. So doing mixed media is liberating because you can break all the rules.  Like I tell my art students and my boys.  There is no right or wrong when it comes to art. I normally don’t share my work but, Samuel, my youngest son challenged me to share what I create. He is so happy that I followed his advise. =)  I am hoping to have this finished in the next two weeks and will add a few updates (hopefully).  I will defiantly add the finished piece when completed.


I had some scrap papers on my desk so I created this card. The image is from the Greeting Farm, and the little boy reminds me of my boys many years ago when they 5 yrs old. I used my Copics to color the image. I also used different modeling techniques to create texture, highlights, and shadows within a flat image.  My light source was facing the boy head on, so most of my highlights are towards the middle or close to where any curves are to give the illusion of dimension.


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One Response to “Adventure in creating”

  1. martita November 24, 2011 at 3:09 pm #

    The card is adorable, love the stamp and colors, also – wow for coloring!

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